Sri Chinmoy’s New Year’s Message for 1973


The New Year is the year of our mind’s inspiration, our heart’s creation and our soul’s manifestation.

Inspiration will march onward to the Source.
Creation will sit at the pinnacle of Enlightenment.
Manifestation will at once prove its Divinity and Immortality.

The New Year is the year of Acceptance and Transformation.
The human in us will try to accept the Divine in us unconditionally.
The Divine in us will transform the human in us untiringly and unconditionally.

In the New Year, every day will be an opportunity for the God-believer to see the Truth-Light.

In the New Year, every hour will be an opportunity for the God-worshipper to achieve the Truth-Light.

In the New Year, every second will be an opportunity for the God-lover to become the Truth-Light.

— Sri Chinmoy



ster advertising Sri Chinmoy’s New Year’s Meditation at Hunter College in New York

Sri Chinmoy’s public New Year’s Meditation is held on the evening of 29 December 1972 in the main auditorium of New York’s Hunter College and is attended by well over two thousand people. The auditorium, which seats around 2,400 is full to capacity half an hour after the meditation begins, with people standing in the lobby and sitting in the aisles.

At the conclusion of the three-hour function, Sri Chinmoy reads out his New Year’s message for 1973. The event is filmed by Channel 13 television.

Sri Chinmoy wrote a special Bengali song for the New Year on 21 Decembe 1972, which is performed by Sri Chinmoy’s Bengali Singers on the evening of 29 December, at Hunter College. The score with the Bengali words and English translation by Sri Chinmoy is displayed below.




New Year’s Song

Nabin Barasha Nabin Barasha



Nabin barasha nabin barasha
Parane enechho asim harasha
Amarar dak prashanti barabhoy
Alo saranir alor jatri
Abachetanar timir ratri
Bilupta aji mora chira akkhoy
Kothai dainya kothai klanti
Dure bahudure manas bhrant
Usha debabala samukhe moder raje
Ananda ghana kagol dipti
Moder akuti moder tripti
Param pitar banshari hridaye baje


New Year, New Year
Into our heart you have brought
Infinite Delight, Peace and Compassion,
And the Call of Heaven.
We are the pilgrims of Light Divine
Marching along the road of Light.
The night of tenebrous gloom and stone-inconscience
Is extinguished today.
We now are growing into the everlasting life.
Where is poverty, inner and outer?
Where is the sense of depletion?
Where are the errors of the mind?
Far, very far are they.
Dawn, the daughter of the gods,
Before us stands.
The Light of Heaven, filled with Nectar,
Is our aspiration-cry and our satisfaction-smile.
The flute of the Absolute Father
Plays in the breath of our heart.

Published in The Garden of Love-Light, part 3, song no. 40
Originally printed in AUM – Vol. 8, No. 6, January 1973