Anahata Nada, Vol. 1, No. 2 – January 27, 1974. 


As part of a fifty-state lecture tour for the year 1974, Sri Chinmoy lectured in eleven states in the month of January. These talks were extremely well received, indicating the growing spiritual aspiration on university campuses.

The following is a list of talks given by Sri Chinmoy in chronological order:


Brown Univ.
Thought Waves
Jan. 9

Harvard Univ.
Realisation, Revelation and Perfection
Jan. 9

The Inner World and the Outer World
Jan. 11

New York Univ.
God you want, God you need,  God you have, God you are.
Jan. 12

Univ. of Conn. at Storrs
Self Examination
Jan. 14

Univ. of Maryland
Jan. 16

Univ. of Delaware
Meditation and Education
Jan. 16

Princeton Univ.
The Inner Experience
Jan. 22

Univ. of Penn.
The Heart
Jan. 22

Univ. of Maine
Jan. 25

Marlboro College Marlboro, Vermont
Jan. 25

[* Original titles as printed in Anahata Nada – some were later changed when published in Fifty Freedom-Boats To One Golden Shore, part 1.]

Note: Anahata Nada is the longest-running newsletter of the Sri Chinmoy Centre. It was first published on January 1, 1974, and has chronicled Sri Chinmoy‘s life and activities for over three decades.