by Agni (Mr. José Luis Casanova)


October 5, 1972


“A child is a miracle. He is the expression of God on earth.
How can that miracle cause any harm, how can it kill or get killed?
                                                                      – Don Pablo Casals

“I am extremely happy to hear your philosophy,
we are all God’s children.”
                                                                            – Sri Chinmoy


Sri Chinmoy with Don Pablo Casals


The early autumn evening was warm and all nature was standing still. The Casals’ house, sitting on top of a hill, has a bird’s-eye view of the city. As soon as Sri Chinmoy and a small group of his students arrived, they were shown in by Mrs Martita Casals. Decoration, although sober, was done with extremely good taste and warmth. The cello was sitting in the centre of the room all by itself, like the king that it is. The next room was a small studio with a beautiful piano and scant decoration, befitting a workshop. Like a lion in his den, there was the master himself, Don Pablo Casals, the world’s greatest living musician. Admired alike by connoisseurs and laypersons, he is adored by the masters of the art who have made this unassuming corner the music Mecca of the world. His childlike smile greeted the group and a feeling of wellbeing enveloped all those present.

Sri Chinmoy opened the conversation saying with humility that the anthill, musically speaking, was offering its accomplishment to Mt. Everest. At the same time, he presented one of his record albums to Don Pablo. Don Pablo accepted the gift with a smile and in turn presented to Sri Chinmoy an album of his own music, the Beethoven Sonatas for Cello and Piano.

The two men looked into each other’s eyes and immediately their souls experienced mutual recognition. Heavenly time stood still, but earthly time kept ticking on. They talked about their respective philosophies, which happened to be miraculously alike for two men of such different upbringing. Don Pablo feels that Nature is God, that in the beautiful miracle of the tree God smiles so that we may all see and rejoice. And then, the greatest miracle of all – the child. All hope lies in the child, if only parents and teachers could see what the child means. Each child is unique, a perfect expression of the Creator.

“Yes,” said Sri Chinmoy. “Nature is God, it is God’s manifestation. And we are all God’s children. Music is a new creation. Every time music is played or sung, God is being created all anew. Now the world knows you as the greatest musician, but it ignores something. It is that you are also a very, very great soul. In your future incarnations the world will come to recognise the greatness of your soul and you will become a powerful expression of Peace and the power of God’s Love on earth. Realisation is our conscious awareness of our oneness with the Supreme Self. When we realise God we become conscious and willing vehicles for the manifestation of God’s Peace, Love, Light and Bliss on earth. God is also a Child, the eternal Child, always being created anew, and only by becoming like little children can we realise Him and become one with Him to reveal and manifest Him on earth.”

Sri Chinmoy asked Don Pablo if he would like to meditate with him for a few minutes. Don Pablo fixed his gaze on Sri Chinmoy’s eyes and meditation started. There was a deep-felt communion of souls between these two men. The two souls, how they blended into one!

Meditation over, Don Pablo had his cello brought in and he played for Sri Chinmoy. Melodiously soft at first, his music took on the form of a new creation as the divine harmony flowed from it like a world of magic. In due time the music ceased, but not so the divine melody that kept lingering in our consciousness as if the notes had actually been suspended in mid-air. Silence reigned again. Don Pablo embraced Sri Chinmoy effusively, shook hands with him repeatedly and patted his back with tears flowing copiously from his eyes, which reflected the infinite joy of his heart.

After another brief spell of conversation the group said good-bye with the strong feeling in their hearts that they had always known this great musician and great man. Such is the power of love.


– End –


Editor’s Notes:

1. The author, Agni (Mr. José Luis Casanova), was one of Sri Chinmoy’s earliest disciples in the West. He was a founding member of the Sri Chinmoy Centre (Aum Centre as it was then known) in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

2. The article was first published in Chinmoy Family, Vol. 3 No. 1, pp.6-8, October 1972.

3. On the 5th of October, 1976, Sri Chinmoy composed the song ‘O Pablo Casals’ in honour of Don Pablo’s birth centenary [Dec. 29, 1876]. The song was sung on October 11, 1976 by the United Nations Meditation Group during a programme at the United Nations which Sri Chinmoy held in memory of Mr. Casals. (AUM, Vol 3. No. 10, October 27, 1976).