Samoa Observer, page 1 – December 24, 1993

“A true man of peace”

His Highness, Malietoa Tanumafili II, has been described by the visiting International Ambassador for Peace, Sri Chinmoy, as “simple, kind-hearted and a true man of peace”.

In Apia on 21 December Malietoa Tanumafili II, Head of State of Western Samoa, offered his warm welcome to Samoa to International Ambassador of Peace Sri Chinmoy during a private interview at his official residence.

The spiritual leader, who is visiting Samoa from 20 December to 29 December, with more than 150 students from 25 nations, praised the Head of State, stating, “I have met with many leaders from many countries, but none as simple, as kind-hearted, as pure or as self giving as you. You are a true man of peace.”

To Sri Chinmoy, Malietoa responded: “I believe that you, Sri Chinmoy, are the one who is bringing peace to earth.” Sri Chinmoy is a leading proponent of global peace by fostering peace within individuals of all nationalities and faiths, and by initiating a wide variety of ongoing grassroots activities.

During their meeting, Sri Chinmoy presented the Head of State with the “Lighting [Lifting] Up the World with a Oneness-Heart” Award for the Samoan leader’s dedicated service to his people and to the world at large. This award has been presented to heads of state, Nobel laureates and other eminent world servers for their unique contributions to humanity.

After receiving the medallion, the Head of State lovingly placed it upon his head, as he described to Sri Chinmoy the Samoan Custom “when one receives very sacred gifts.”

During their meeting the two men held aloft the Peace Torch of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run, a relay run for global harmony and peace which spans more than 80 nations and involves millions of citizens and world leaders every two years.

During his stay in Samoa, Sri Chinmoy will offer two Peace Concerts for the public on December 22 and 28 at 8.00pm at the John Williams Building free of charge.

During the programmes he will perform his own peace filled compositions on 15-20 (See Page  2)

Caption: Mr Sri Chinmoy and Malietoa Tanumafili II




Samoa Observer, page 2 – December 24, 1993

“A true man of peace”

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instruments from around the world.

Students of Sri Chinmoy offered free classes on meditation for people of all faiths and walks of life on 23 December at 7.30pm at St. Mary’s Primary School Savalalo and on 27 December at 7.30pm at the Marist School at Mulivai.

“When we meditate,” explained Sri Chinmoy, “we make the mind calm, tranquil and full of peace.” He added, “Let us first have individual peace. From individual peace we will have collective peace.”




The Samoa Times, page 5 – December 24, 1993

Peace Guru embraces Samoa

“Peace is the harmonious control of life. It is vibrant with life-energy. It is a power that easily transcends all our worldly knowledge, yet it is not separate from our earthly existence. If we open the right avenues within, then peace can be felt here and now.” – Sri Chinmoy

Peace Guru Sri Chinmoy’s first three days in Samoa have included an audience with HRH Malietoa Tanumafili II and the Minister of Sports, Pule Lameko.

Sri Chinmoy’s royal visit clearly was of major importance to him. He told His Highness, “I have met with many leaders from many countries, but none as simple, as kind-hearted, as pure or as self-giving as you. You are a true man of peace.” He also awarded Malietoa a medal recognizing the presentation of the “Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart” Award.

A press release from “Sri Chinmoy Centres International” says the award was given to his highness for “dedicated service to his people and the world at large.” The “award has been presented to heads of states, noble laureates and other eminent world-servers for their unique contributions to humanity.”

The Samoa Times asked the personal secretary for the Head of State if there was any special significance to the audience. Malietoa Audrey Malietoa responded, “This is the normal courtesy His Highness gives to visitors.”

MP Leiataua Vaiao presented the “Ambassador of Peace” to His Highness as a courtesy and handled the translation subtleties of the fa’a Samoa used by His Highness and the Guru. Both men found common ground in their enjoyment of sports, which they spent some time talking about. Sri Chinmoy indicated his association with multiple Olympic gold medalist, Carl Lewis and legendary boxer Mohammed Ali. His Highness reacted with positive interest, indicating that he was well aware of their successful careers. When Sri Chinmoy mentioned His Highness’s passion for golf, His Highness could not resist alluding to the peculiar collection of right and left handed golf clubs used by their mutual acquaintance, MP Leiataua Vaiao.

In conclusion to the visit, HRH was asked to hold the Guru’s Peace Torch, which has been symbolically shared by world leaders on Sri Chinmoy’s international travels, and thousands who participate in “Peace” runs.

Efforts for Sri Chinmoy to meet with the Prime Minister Tofilau Eti Alesana have been unsuccessful as Tofilau has been in Savaii. [Ed. A meeting took place on Dec. 29, the morning of Sri Chinmoy’s departure from Samoa.]




Caption: Gold medalist Carl Lewis is shown training with his Guru Sri Chinmoy. The Guru is currently based in New York City USA and on tour this week in Western Samoa.



The Samoa Times, Friday 24 December 1993 – page 3

Totally Transcendental…

It has been an extremely busy week for the Sri Chinmoy spiritual group now visiting Samoa. Its message of “Peace “ is to be spread through “Concerts”, athletics and seminars.

Captions – clockwise from top left:

• Devotees of Sri Chinmoy cone from great international diversity. © PHOTOSAMOA

• Sri Chinmoy meditates during his performances which include more than 13 different instruments per concert.

• The men’s choir remains intensely devout after their presentation at the Sri Chinmoy “Peace Concert”. © PHOTOSAMOA

• Sri Chinmoy is undeniably an extremely versatile musician as he performs on one of Asia’s more exotic instruments.

• His Highness shares closing pleasantries with the Guru on the verandah of his home in Motootua.



Taimi Samoa

Caption: Le susuga i le Ao o le Malo Malietoa Tanumafili II ma le alii Guru o Sri Chinmoy i Motoolua.





Taimi Samoa

Caption: Le alii Guru o Sri Chinmoy i lana faaaliga ‘Peace Concert’ i le po o le Aso Lulu i le Ioane Viliamu. O se tasi lenei o le ova na le sefulutolu mea fai faaili sa faaaogaina. © PHOTOSAMOA




The Samoa Times, Tuesday 4 January 1994 – page 14


Peace envoy here with students

AMERICAN philosopher Sri Chinmoy is in Fiji with about 210 students and followers as part of a goodwill tour of the Pacific.

Sri Chinmoy, 62, is a poet, philosopher, artist, composer and peace ambassador from New York.

After spending three days in Nadi, Sri Chinmoy travelled to Suva yesterday.

He will hold a free peace concert tomorrow at the Suva Civic Centre.

During the concert, Sri Chinmoy will perform his own compositions on a variety of instruments.

Members of Sri Chinmoy Centres International have flown in from America, Canada, Britain, France, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Russia for the Pacific tour.

Sri Chinmoy International’s public relations officer, Nishtha Baum, described the movement as a non-denominational group with members from different walks of life.

Ms Baum said that in this way, Sri Chinmoy would evoke a peaceful atmosphere to create a lasting sense of inner peace.

“A master of meditation, Sri Chinmoy infuses his music with a spiritual quality that touches people’s hearts in a most unusual way.”

According to Sri Chinmoy, this experience of inner peace is the cornerstone for world peace.

“Many who have witnessed his deep trance-like meditations and haunting music have described it as a transforming experience,” said Ms Baum.

Sri Chinmoy has staged hundreds of such peace concerts around the world and written books explaining his philosophy of peace.

Sri Chinmoy and his accompanying students will also sponsor a Masters track meet for men and women over 50 at the National Stadium next Wednesday afternoon.

The track meet is part of his programme of promoting the cause of peace through sports.

The organisation sponsors sporting events like a peace run and a round-the-world relay.

Ms Baum said that Sri Chinmoy, a champion sprinter in his youth, sometimes participates in track meets.

Sri Chinmoy comes to Fiji after a nine day visit to Western Samoa where he staged two peace concerts and paid a courtesy call on the head of state, Malietoa Tanumafili II.

His current tour also includes stops in the Cook Islands and Tahiti.

Caption: Sri Chinmoy ... on tour in the Pacific with a 210-strong group.


The Samoa Times, Saturday 8 January 1994 – page 41

Masters Games on today


THE National Stadium tracks will come alive when the Sri Chinmoy Masters Games – a track meet for men and women over 50 years will be held for the first time.

And the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run – the world’s longest running relay will be going through the country after 80 countries.

It will be the last leg of the relay which has involved over 500,000 people from around the world.

The Peace Run was devised by Sri Chinmoy, 62, who Is here in the country on a Peace Tour in the South Pacific.

The current Peace Run began in Australia in March last year with Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne being dedicated to world peace.

Runners from the tour group will start off at Sukuna Park carrying a flaming torch of Peace to Ratu Cakobau Park where the Nausori Sevens will be held before returning to the National Stadium for the beginning of the Sri Chinmoy Masters Games.

The “Ambassador of Peace” as he is renowned for is 62 years old and he was a student of former world sprint champion Carl Lewis. who was also a student of the Peace man in meditation classes.

The group was in Apia, Western Samoa where the Samoan Sports Minister won the celebrity 100m race-walk.

Sri Chinmoy considers sports at any age an important factor for the development of inner peace, for spiritual growth and a positive balanced lifestyle.

The winner of any athletic event to him is not the only one who stands first, but also the person who goes beyond his or her previous achievement or just gives his best.

Two of his students Carl Lewis and Mohammed Ali are just examples of his teachings and many others.

Interested athletes are to be at the Stadium before the Masters Games begin at 5PM.

Caption: FORMER Olympic sprints champion Carl Lewis trains with Sri Chinmoy.



Suva is a peace, city – mayor

SUVA’S Lord Mayor, Councillor Manoa Dobui, declared the capital city a Sri Chinmoy Peace Capital on Saturday in honour of a visiting peace ambassador who ended his tour of Fiji yesterday.

Sri Chinmoy and 200 students sponsored a peace ran over the weekend that looped from Suva to Nausori, and a track meet at the National Stadium.

Suva becomes the sixth Sri Chinmoy Peace Capital, joining the capital cities of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Iceland and Scotland.

At Saturday’s dedication ceremony, presided over by the Deputy Lord Mayor David Blakelock, Sri Chinmoy said: “Suva is known as the city of surprises.”

Noting that a few centuries ago Fiji was a warlike nation, he went on: “Now, here on the soil of Suva and in the heart of Fiji, the dance of peace and universal oneness is reigning supreme”.

Sri Chinmoy arrived In Fiji on December 30 after a stop-over in Samoa.

His visit to Fiji also included a public concert last Wednesday at the Suva Civic Center.

He flew out of Fiji yesterday for the Cook Islands and Tahiti.

He then returns home to New York later this month.

The Fiji Times, page 5 – Monday, January 10, 1994




Oldies bring out best

ATHLETICS is not only about winning and beating others – it Is about competing and inspiring other athletes to bring out the best qualities in each other.

That was the message at the Sri Chinmoy Masters Games at the National Stadium on Saturday.

The Games was inspired by peace ambassador Sri Chinmoy who was in the country on a peace tour of the South Pacific.

Sri Chinmoy took part in the 100 metres event.

Among those who turned up to witness the event was Parliamentarian Vincent Lobendahn who participated In the celebrity walk.

The Games also marked the end of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run the world’s longest running relay that went through 80 countries.

On Saturday runners from the Chinmoy group carried a torch to the Ratu Cakobau Park in Nausori where they handed it to the town mayor Pita Mawi.

From there the group proceeded to the National Stadium.

Sri Chinmoy spokesperson Vasanti said the purpose of the run was to promote peace through sports. “For older athletes it Is not so important to win but to complete the race,” Vasanti said.

The oldest athletes were Daniel Tui Cakau and Sarama Minoli both 67. Local fun run veteran Joeli Bera 57 also participated.

Athletes took part in the one mile, 100 metres, 200 metres, 400 metres and 800 metres in six age categories.

The Fiji Times, page 28 – Monday, January 10, 1994



Talk Of The Town

Sri Chinmoy

Farewell to Sri Chinmoy and students of the Sri Chinmoy International Meditation Centres who have been our guests this week. Sri Chinmoy and 200 of his students from around the world have been in Fiji as part of a six week goodwill tour of the South Pacific.

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