Sri Chinmoy’s New Year’s Message for 1966


May humanity climb one rung up in the ladder of Divine Growth, and realise in its soul the Sweetness, Joy, Light, and Peace of the Supreme.

May, out of the pure fulness of the heart, the lips of Truth speak and the hands of Truth act in the year 1966.

The New Year — what can it teach us? It can teach us the secret of spiritual self-reliance. It can teach us how we ourselves can be our Masters and Saviours. From the New Year we can learn that God is God only when God is OUR God and not MY God. From the New Year we can learn that Truth is Truth only when Truth is OUR Truth and not MY Truth. At every moment it is we who can make ourselves a blessing to ourselves and the world at large.

May the universal embrace of the New Year flower into a permanent smile of Victory on the Face of the Supreme.

 — Sri Chinmoy


Sri Chinmoy’s first New Year’s Message was published in the December issue of AUM Magazine in 1965.