The opportunity to venture into uncharted waters has always been a profound source of inspiration for seekers after knowledge. The creative works of Sri Chinmoy have presented just such a challenge, particularly in the last century when he was newly arrived in the West from India. Scholars who themselves had only recently been introduced to his writings and philosophy sought to place them in context. The challenge did not lie solely in the unfamiliarity of the material, but also in gaining authority to undertake such a pursuit. It was out of the norm to request permission at a conservative house of learning to study a contemporary Bengali writer who chose to express himself in the English language. That this writer was also a musician, a mystic and a philosopher merely compounded the difficulties. But, somehow, barriers dissolved. Traditional universities acceded to topics that had never been attempted before, supervisors were found and examiners ultimately located. The results are listed below — pioneering studies undertaken at universities in Australia, the USA, Iceland and New Zealand. The fact that these dissertations and theses came to fruition is a testament to the enduring power of Sri Chinmoy’s words and music – and to the courage of a handful of scholars scattered around the globe.



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