Photo by Bhashwar Hart


Sri Chinmoy plays the esraj at his Jharna-Kala Gallery in New York.


Last Night I Had a Very, Very, Very Significant Dream

by Sri Chinmoy


Last night I had a very significant dream.
I saw my Lord, clasped His Eye
And kissed His Feet Supreme.


Sri Chinmoy composes this song at the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race in Jamaica, New York. Later in the day, he comments:

“Dear ones, if you can sing this song once a week, I shall be very grateful to you. Do not worry about your musical capacity. Even if you make mistakes, no harm. And if you can sing the song three times every day — it can be all at the same time or at three different times — I shall be very grateful to you and I shall be very, very, very, very — a million times — proud of you. This will definitely help you in your life of aspiration.”

Published in Enthusiasm, Part 12