Photo by Pulak Viscardi


Sri Chinmoy sprinting at St. John’s University track, Union Turnpike, Jamaica, New York.


Photo by Pulak Viscardi


The First 3100-Mile Race

concluded on August 1st in Jamaica, New York; the Awards Ceremony is held on August 2nd


The first annual Sri Chinmoy 3100 Mile Race (12 June-1 August) concludes outside Thomas Edison Vocational High School in Jamaica, NY, USA. The race was conducted on a certified .5488 mile loop (883.2079 meters) on a paved sidewalk surrounding the school. With a 51-day cut-off, only two out of the five starters, completed the 3,100 miles — Edward Kelley (1st man) in 47 days + 15:19:56, and Suprabha Beckjord (1st woman) in 50 days + 02:09:56. And, two others — Georgs Jermolajevs and Aleksandar Arsic — finished 2700 miles.


Sri Chinmoy’s Remarks at  the Awards Ceremony

at Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica Hills, New York

Dear runners,

I bow to your soul, I bow to your heart, I bow to your life, sleeplessly and unreservedly.

The number 31 has a very special significance in my life. I was born in 1931. According to my physical body and my vital, I am old. According to my mind, I am ancient. According to my heart, I am as young as ever. According to my soul, I am yet to be fully manifested. According to my Lord Beloved Supreme, I am living in His own Heart-Garden, and I shall forever do so. Finally, according to me, I am all gratitude to the climbing tears of Mother Earth and to the descending smiles of Father Heaven. I am one, inseparably one, eternally one with the climbing tears of Mother Earth and the descending smiles of Father Heaven.

Our philosophy is self-transcendence. Yes, there is no limit to our inner progress and outer success. But again, there comes a time when we reach a certain height, such an extraordinary height, that we feel we can live there for a good many years safely and self-givingly. Then we wait indefinitely for God's choice Hour to inspire us, to aspire in and through us to go forward, to embark on a new journey.

This 3,100 miles is an unprecedented journey in our world-peace-manifestation-dream. World-peace can come into existence only when we are inundated with patience and perseverance. Infinite patience we need in our inner life and perseverance we need in our outer life.

These 3,100 miles remind us of one divine and supreme reality: we can and we must do everything at our command to transform the world of lethargy and unwillingness to be dynamic. Unwillingness we do not leave behind us. Therefore happiness remains always a far cry. Willingness to give, willingness to achieve, willingness to grow and glow should be the message of our souls. With our souls' blessings we can and will fulfil our earthly life.

To Ed, Suprabha, George and Alexandar, my soul’s summit blessingful love, blessingful joy and blessingful pride I am offering unreservedly and unconditionally. Whenever I passed by you running, you reminded me of our souls' eternal, birthless and deathless journey and you reminded me of Eternity's choice runners.

Human pride is devoured and has to be devoured for the development of humility, which we all desperately need to make inner and outer spiritual progress. It is our spiritual progress which will make us God-champions in each and every field of life. Again, there is something called divine pride. This divine pride breathlessly whispers into our ears: "You are the choicest instrument of God. It is beneath your dignity to wallow in the pleasures of ignorance-night, to surrender to the wrong, undivine forces. God wants you to be an exact prototype of His Universal Manifestation and Transcendental Dream.” So this divine pride I have seen and felt in each of the four runners. I have seen and felt God's own Pride, founded upon His infinite Delight in each of you.

Published in Pioneer-Runners of Tomorrow’s World-Peace-Dawn: Ultramarathon Running and Self-transcendence