Birthday Greetings from Russia to Sri Chinmoy


Our dearest Sri Chinmoy!

Happy Birthday to you and many, many happy returns of the Day!

Guru! We congratulate you with your latest (but not last) achievement — 5,000,000 birds symbolise human souls and you as shepherd for them!

We know how dear these birds are for you and wholeheartedly wish you new progress in this and many other fields of your activities.

Thank you for what you are to us, your faithful pupils and many other people.

Every day I talk to you (a small transcendental portrait you gave us at our departure) and to God for you, to give you Health and Happiness.

With Love and Respect,

Yours V & A.


P.S. Some time ago I started knitting a rug for you, but my hands are paining now and I can't finish it. So, instead of a rug we are sending you a jug made by our famous craftsmen in the style of people’s art called ‘Gzel’ (white & blue).


From: Aleksandr A. Razvin, Russia’s Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, and his wife Valentina.