Sri Chinmoy’s recent progress in the one-arm lift goes beyond anything previously achieved in weightlifting.

The astonishing sequence began Aug. 11 when the 160-pound Master lifted a 303¼-pound weight from a power rack above his head and supported it for several seconds. He had been struggling with this poundage for several weeks and succeeded only on his 214th attempt.

On Sept. 21 he lifted 400½ pounds, and eight days later, went up to 503 pounds.

On Oct. 27 he broke 600 pounds and on Nov. 1 lifted 705¾ pounds.

Then, on Nov. 7 he moved up to 806¼ pounds ... on Nov. 10, to 1,007¾ pounds (a more than 200-pound jump) ... and on Nov. 17, to 1,317¾ pounds (a 310-pound jump).

Then, on Nov. 24 Sri Chinmoy lifted 1,515¼ pounds and on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27, he hoisted 2,039 pounds — over a ton — with one arm.

Published in Anahata Nada, Volume 14, August–November 1986