Liberty Torch Run completed


Mr. Casey Conrad and Sri Chinmoy


On Saturday, August 14, the Liberty Torch Runners arrive at the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., completing their historic 8,800-mile Bicentennial Relay Run. In a ceremony at the foot of the Monument, the runners are honoured by Mr. Casey Conrad, the President's Advisor on Physical Fitness.

Sri Chinmoy is presented with a letter of commendation from the White House and a Certificate of Appreciation from the President’s Council on Physical Fitness for his role in inspiring and supporting the runners in their effort.

Mr. Casey Conrad: We have a special award to make to Sri Chinmoy, Director of the United Nation Meditation Group. Sri Chinmoy, will you come forward, please. From the White House, Captain James Lovell, Consultant to the President on Physical Fitness and Sports, has given this Commendation to Sri Chinmoy. 

Mr. Conrad reads out the letter.

That’s the message from Captain James Lovell, and it’s accompanied by a Certificate of Appreciation to Sri Chinmoy from the Presiden’s Council on Physical Fitness “in recognition of services which have advanced the causes of dynamic health, physical fitness and sports participation.” It's a great pleasure. Thank you, sir.

Sri Chinmoy: I wish to offer my deepest gratitude to you, Mr. Conrad, and also to the White House. What I have done is next to nothing. This inspiration came from Above, and I just executed it with utmost reverence and devotion to the Soul of America.

Today 33 loving student-friends of mine have achieved something unprecedented. This achievement of theirs will forever and forever shine in the history of the freedom-loving world. These immortal runners have run 9,000 miles around the clock, and have passed through all the 50 states. It has taken them 50 days and 50 nights, but it has given them an experience which can only be felt and never be adequately expressed.

On the outer plane they have achieved a great victory. But today's achievement is not only the achievement of 33 American runners. It is not only the achievement of America's body, vital, mind, heart and soul. It is the achievement of each and every human being on earth. On the inner plane these runners have covered the length and breadth of the entire universe on the strength of their self-giving oneness with the Soul of America.

Most beautiful is the Soul of America. Most powerful is the Heart of America. May America's eternal Soul-beauty bless these pioneer-runners of tomorrow's Golden Dawn. May America's infinite Heart-power guide these runners and pilot their life-boats to the ever-illumining and ever-fulfilling Shore of the Beyond. Finally, I wish to say that our Lord, the Beloved Supreme, is extremely proud of America's Liberty Torch and the Liberty Torch Runners.

Mr. Casey Conrad presents Sri Chinmoy with the Commendation from Captain James A. Lovell.

Rather than end the run in Washington, D.C. as originally planned, the runners decide to continue on to New York City, where the run began. Read more...

Published in AUM – Vol.II-3, No. 8, August 27, 1976