Professor of Pathology
School of Basic Health Sciences
Health Sciences Cente
State University of New York
at Stony Brook


August 14, 1975

Master Sri Chinmoy

Dear Master:

Some paintings can be translated in a language albeit inadequately. Therefore a reviewer has difficulty in expressing the perception of the art. Abstract paintings cannot be translated in a language.

Any description of such art will be just distantly related to it.

I believe that abstract painting communicates indefinable subjects to the viewer. Consequently, the viewer should experience the artist's undefinable intentions. However, the first impression of abstract art suggest to the viewer something of the viewer's previous experience. In this context I found your art remarkable in its diversity. This diversity reflects culmination of evolutionary diversity of mankind (homo sapiens species) where each individual, even identical twins, are different. This principle of diversity for me as a biologist is highly significant although I do not fully understand its consequences. Your paintings communicate an organisational unity, aesthetic integrity and clarity. I believe that they reflect those noble aspirations that the Master is approaching and teaching his students.

I was deeply impressed by your speech on coexistence of science and religion. I believe that religion is a specific human quality in biological evolution - otherwise our presence and our future may be or become very unhuman.

Although a few among my friends are students of Indian mysticism, I have not experienced such "a sincerity and integrity in a group of people as your students last night. They seemed to me representing a bright light in our present time of search for a better future for mankind. Your presence among us and your teaching will contribute considerably to this goal.

With kindest regards and best wishes,

Department of Laboratories
Queens Hospital Center

Affiliation of Long Island
Jewish-Hillside Medical Center

Published in AUM – Vol. II, No. 8, 27 August 1975



A Sri Chinmoy Peace Bridge in Pawtucket, Rhode Island — originally dedicated in 1989 by Mayor Sarault — is rededicated by Mayor James E. Doyle.