NEW YORK — About 500 disciples from around the world are expected to converge in New York this month for a ten-day festival celebrating Sri Chinmoy's 43rd birthday.

Spiritual plays, concerts, picnics, athletic functions, and a circus will be combined with meditation as the festival seeks to interweave outer as well as inner experiences.

The general public will be invited to participate at an open meditation to be held at 7:30 p.m. August 23rd at New York's Hunter College. The out-of-town disciples who have been followers of Sri Chinmoy for at least a year will be guests at the homes of New York area disciples.

This is expected to take up all available space, and dormitory rooms at a local college has been booked for the newer disciples. The “Sports Day” will be patterned after the track and field events that Sri Chinmoy used to participate in during his 20-year stay in a south Indian ashram.

A decathlon champion in his youth. Sri Chinmoy still practices athletics and each morning, for the past few months, has been joining his disciples on a local track field to prepare for the event.

The festival will culminate with an all-day birthday meditation August 27th.

Published in Anahata Nada, JULY 27, 1974 VOL. I, NO. 8