Photo by Bhashwar Hart


Sri Chinmoy writing on a bus trip.



Sri Chinmoy at the Self-Transcendence Marathon in Rockland Lake State Park, Nyack, New York.


Sri Chinmoy’s race prayer

Rockland Lake State Park, New York

Marathon is
An unimaginable joy-experience
Of the heart.
Marathon is
An unbearable suffering-experience
Of the body, the vital and the mind.

Short talk offered before the marathon:

I have invoked special Blessings of my Absolute Lord Beloved Supreme for all the marathon runners. Each marathon is an unimaginable joy for the runner's heart. Again, each marathon is an unspeakable torture for the body, the vital and the mind. Our philosophy is to transcend — transcend the physical pain and transcend our previous achievements. My blessings, my love and my gratitude I am offering to each and every runner.

And my special request to you all is this: when you find you are tired, extremely, extremely tired, exhausted, then do not continue, do not continue.

All my love. Start!

Published in My Race-Prayers, part 3