Sri Chinmoy joins President Ronald Reagan, various senators and congressmen, and spiritual and political leaders from around the world as a guest at the 8 a.m. National Prayer Breakfast in Washington Hilton Hotel’s International Ballroom, Washington, DC, USA. Mr. Douglas Coe — leader of the behind-the-scenes ‘Friendship House’, which did the major logistical and financial work for the event — invited Sri Chinmoy to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, after he attended a Sri Chinmoy Peace Meditation programme in the House of Representatives in the Fall of 1985.


Photo by Adarini Inkei


At the initiative of His Majesty King Sinoehoen Pakoeboewono XII (seated) of Surakarta, Central Java, Bali’s eight Hindu Kings gather to meet with Sri Chinmoy at the Bali Convention Centre in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia. Sri Chinmoy honours each of the regal dignitaries by lifting them individually and by offering a Peace Concert.