Peace Concert

by Sri Chinmoy
held at Public School 86, Queens, New York
in honour of Swami Vivekananda


Today’s Peace Concert I am dedicating to Swami Vivekananda, who was at once Eternity’s Aspiration-Cry and Immortality’s Dedication-Smile.


Published in Vivekananda: Divinity’s Soul-Rainbow and Humanity’s Heart-Blossom




by Sri Chinmoy
after a performance at Public School 86 in Jamaica, New York


Tonight I have really, really enjoyed my performance on the synthesizer! [The audience offers a standing ovation.] Tonight I played to my greatest satisfaction. What more can I say?

Usually people speak about freedom of speech. Now I wish to speak about freedom of performance. I have enjoyed this performance far beyond my own imagination. I happen to be a poet, and poets have a free access to the imagination-world. But today my performance has far surpassed my imagination. I enjoyed it very, very much, very much!

I count this performance as my masterpiece. The joy that I felt while playing was unparalleled. Immensity’s joy I felt while playing, and now also, while I am listening.

I shall inform our Centres that whenever they have Joy Days, they should play this synthesizer performance of mine. They will have real joy! I will be happy if all the Centres can have a copy. Then they can play it once a month.

Joy, joy!

Published in Our Sweetest Oneness


Photo by Pulak Viscardi


Sri Chinmoy offers a Peace Concert at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida.


Every Day Children Strike Their Father’s Victory-Gongs




Every day children strike their Farther’s
Every day children receive from their Father
  gratitude-heart, gratitude-heart, gratitude-heart,

Published in Miscellaneous Songs 2005


The Human Father ... The Divine Father



The human father
Gives his children earth-affection.
The Divine Father
Gives His children Heaven-Delight.

Published in Enthusiasm, Part 11