Visiting guru Sri Chinmoy said in Perth today that political philosophies and ideals were misdirected and not carried out.

The guru, who has lectured on his beliefs all over the world, says people can be pure, perfect, peaceful, divine and right by talking to God.

This, he says, can be done by praying, meditating and believing in the link between us and God.

The guru encourages his disciples to work and participate in society. This way men establish links between each other and help overcome the mind’s battle within itself.

The guru is a prolific writer and artist. He has published more than 260 books of spiritual poetry, lectures, essays, stories and plays. He has also painted more than 100,000 works which have been exhibited in museums, schools, galleries and business establishments.

Guru Sri Chinmoy will conduct a public meeting in St George’s Cathedral tonight and at Winthrop Hall tomorrow night. He will also plant a tree for peace at Nedlands rose garden this afternoon.


Guru Sri Chinmoy

Published in the Final Edition of the DAILY NEWS, Perth, WA, Tuesday, March 2, 1976