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Sri Chinmoy, at Hotel Gimmond in Kyoto, holds a personally autographed copy of Raisa Gorbacheva’s book, I Hope. Later that day, after arriving in Tokyo, Sri Chinmoy sends her a heartfelt letter of gratitude.


Tokyo, Japan

14 March 1992

O Queen of the Soviet Union,

My most esteemed sister Raisa Maximovna,

It was most kind of you to autograph for me your immortal book I Hope with your deep and compassionate affection. I shall treasure it inside the very depth of my gratitude-heart. My German student Petra Menge was so fortunate to have met with you and to have been able to offer you a rose, which I wanted her to give you from me. Like me, everybody must treasure your invaluable book.

I was extremely happy to meet with your dearest daughter, Irina, in New York last month. While I was talking to her, I was so clearly feeling and seeing her parents' infinite wisdom, light, compassion and sacrifice.

You are a supreme authority on art. In May there will be an art exhibit in New York of my paintings which will last for about a month. I am going to dedicate this exhibit to you. I shall be so deeply honoured and grateful if you could come and bless the exhibit just for fleeting five minutes. It will mean so much to me and to my students from all over the world.

I am praying to my Lord Supreme most fervently for your good health and for an extra supply of dynamic energy for you.

With my heart's warmest compliments and gratitude,

Sri Chinmoy

Published in Sixty-one Gratitude-Blossoms from the World-Heart-Home-Garden.


Sunil’s Soul

Sri Chinmoy speaks
at Public School 86 in Jamaica, New York


Earlier in the day, Sri Chinmoy writes the following blessing in the guest book at Sunil’s family wake in Greenwich, Connecticut.

My Sunil, you are in my heart.
I am in your heart.
Our Lord Beloved Supreme is inundating you
With His infinite Compassion,
Love, Joy and Pride.
You will remain throughout Eternity
My Soul’s Sunil
And my Heart’s Sunil.

— Guru, March 14th, 2002 Sri Chinmoy

Later, Sri Chinmoy tells of a few occasions when Sunil’s soul had come to him. While Sri Chinmoy was meditating on the coffin, Sunil came to him and said, “I am in my Guru’s heart.”

Sri Chinmoy said, “I am in your heart, too.”

Sunil said, “I am in your heart.”

Sri Chinmoy again said, “I am in your heart.”

When Sri Chinmoy bowed to the crucifix, Sunil was at his feet, singing, “Jai, jai, Sri Chinmoy, jai! — Victory, victory, Sri Chinmoy, victory!”

On Sri Chinmoy’s way home from the wake, Sunil’s soul came to him and said, “You made my life not only meaningful, but fruitful.”

Sunil was very special. Was there any time that he did not go to our meditation? I cry when I think of Sunil’s selfless service.

Sri Chinmoy’s close disciple Sunil Davidson passed away unexpectedly on 10 March 2002 in Jamaica, New York. Read more...

Published in Only One Power