CANBERRA, Australia — The continent of Australia has declared its capital a Sri Chinmoy Peace Capital.

Canberra is the second national capital to be dedicated to the cause of peace in Sri Chinmoy’s name. Ottawa was named a peace capital last year.

At the Canberra dedication March 16, Ros Kelly, Federal Minister of Arts, Sport and Environment, read out the official proclamation hailing Sri Chinmoy as “an international Ambassador of Peace” ... (whose) “life and deeds have inspired millions with a commitment to inner growth as the foundation for global change.”

Canberra started as a dream of visionaries, she continued, and peace also started as a dream. “As the vision of Canberra has become reality, so too humanity’s long-cherished dream of world peace will gloriously blossom.”

The Canberra dedication coincided with the arrival in that city of runners from the 1993 Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run. The Australian portion of that relay run, covering 2,000 miles, goes from Melbourne to Brisbane.

Two other major Australian cities — Sydney and Melbourne — were also declared Sri Chinmoy peace cities on March 21. In the U.S., Philadelphia and Charlottesville, Virginia, were recently dedicated to peace in Sri Chinmoy’s name.

Published in Anahata Nada, VOLUME 22, DECEMBER 1992 – MARCH 1993