NEW YORK — Sri Chinmoy and about 200 of his students were guests of honor March 25 at the 200th performance of the off-Broadway hit “The Exonerated,” for which Harit Allan Buchman is lead producer.

Afterwards, Sri Chinmoy met and lifted several current and previous cast members — including Brooke Shields, Robert Vaughn, Jill Clayburgh and Montel Williams — and other celebrities who had come for the occasion, as well as five of the former death row inmates who had been portrayed in the play.

The program included a song Sri Chinmoy had written about the exonerated prisoners, as well as a short esraj concert by Sri Chinmoy.


Delbert Tibbs, left, one of the death row inmates portrayed in the play, and Academy Award winning actress Marisa Toniei, right, pose with Sri Chinmoy after being lifted.

Published in Anahata Nada, Volume 34, November 2002 – March 2003