Peace Concert

by Sri Chinmoy
at Glasgow City Hall in Scotland

Is the oneness-home
Of God the Creator
And God the Creation.

Sri Chinmoy reciting this prayer...


Sri Chinmoy plays the baby flute...


Sri Chinmoy plays the New Zealand double flute...

Recordings from Blue Aspiration-Plants In Green Dedicatio-Garden Vol. II 




Video by kedarvideo


Sri Chinmoy offers a Peace Concert Sportovní Hala Sparta to an audience of 15,000 in Prague, Czech Republic.


Peace Concert dedication by Sri Chinmoy:

O United Nations, I bow to you. O United Nations, I bow to you. O United Nations, I bow to you.

Today’s Peace Concert I am prayerfully offering to the all-illumining soul of the United Nations, to the all-aspiring heart of the United Nations and to the all-serving life of the United Nations.

Listen to Sri Chinmoy offering his Peace Concert dedication...


Sri Chinmoy’s remarks following the concert:

I wish to offer my life’s prayerful love and my heart’s soulful gratitude to the soul, heart and life of the Czech Republic. I also wish to offer gratitude from the inmost recesses of my heart to each and every individual present here who has so kindly and compassionately listened to my music. With my prayerful music I try to offer my love and peace to all those here and elsewhere who are hungry for peace, genuine peace.

Mankind has everything else save and except peace. Let us dive deep within to discover the most precious divine reality within, and then let us bring to the fore this divine reality, which is peace. Let us pray and pray, and meditate and meditate, so that we can bring about world peace. And let us pray and meditate to inundate this world with peace: shanti, shanti, shanti.

Once more, to each peace-seeker, peace-dreamer and peace-lover present here I am offering my gratitude-heart. In this connection I wish to offer my heart’s deepest gratitude to two Olympic champions, two Czech immortals, Emil Zátopek and Robert Změlík, whose kind and compassionate presence I deeply appreciate and value.

My seeker-friends, my peace-loving brothers and sisters, to you I offer my prayerful, soulful and self-giving heart.

Published in My Prayerful Salutations to the United Nations