LONDON — London’s elegant Royal Albert Hall, known for its classical music, rang to a different tune October 9 when Indian Master Sri Chinmoy gave his British peace concert there.

Some 5,000 Londoners filled the hall to near capacity to listen to his music of peace and meditate for a better world.

One member of the audience, Lord Hylton, was so deeply moved that he wrote Sri Chinmoy afterwards asking him if he could give a series of peace concerts in Northern Ireland. He said the Master’s music “evoked the widespread sufferings of people around the world” and “made one think of striving together for peace, harmony and development.”

Comparing the response to the London and Paris peace concerts, Sri Chinmoy said: “England saw the king unknown in me. England gave me England’s dignity-height: admiration. France saw the child unknowable in me. France gave me France’s equality-depth: love.”

Published in Anahata Nada, Volume 17, August-November 1984