Conversation with Dhrubha’s Soul

A story by Sri Chinmoy


I turned off 150th Street into the side street and I was coming back to my house. All of a sudden, I saw great Dhrubha's soul, right at the corner of my street. I said something nice about Dhrubha to the soul, and the soul flattered me by saying that it is all my unconditional compassion and concern. I told the soul that before Dhrubha opens up his Divine Enterprise, I will give him a name for the store. Yesterday I went to see two of the places that he had in mind. I rejected one and accepted one, so I am sure the one I accepted he will take immediately.

That particular side street is only 50 or 60 metres long. Then I came to my street. Whom did I see? Drubha. As usual, he was leaving his newspaper clippings inside my door and he was coming out very soulfully and devotedly. I do not think he saw me. He came down the steps and made a left turn. He was going away very soulfully. I can prove that it was Drubha. I am not colour blind. He was wearing green shorts and a white T-shirt.

His soul had come to me just two minutes before but he did not see me. What was he doing? He was adoring his own feet while he was walking! I was only 25 metres behind him. I was watching what he was doing. But he did not see me.

The soul does exist. I do not know what to tell those who do not believe in the soul. But for those who do believe in the soul, Heaven's Door is wide open.

Published in Walking-Challenging-Becoming, part 2


The Famous 150th Street

A story by Sri Chinmoy


Some more incidents also took place during the same walk. Savita saw me leave the house wearing a red garment. Then I saw somebody wearing red shorts and a red T-shirt. That person saw me and was hiding behind a bush. I immediately knew that it was Savita who was hiding. Then she came out and was standing there when I went past on the other side of the street. I smiled at her and blessed her very nicely.

Then I went another 50 metres. Whom did I see? Kalpita. She crossed the street and I was going on. Then, when I turned round a few minutes later, I saw Kalpita following me.

Like this, I see all different people when I go out. Last night, when I went out at eight o'clock, I saw Anjali running and running on 150th Street. How could she run at that hour? Savita knew that I had gone out, so she phoned up Anjali.

Our 150th Street is famous. I like it so much. Although 150th Street is full of confusion, it has light. There is less light on the left side, near 148th Street. When I walk there, I do not get so much light from the streets. But on this side, 150th Street, in spite of the fact that restlessness runs riot, I see and feel more light, abundant light, I mean inner light.

Published in Walking-Challenging-Becoming, part 2