Sri Chinmoy meets with Pope John Paul II for the second time at the Vatican in Rome.

I am very grateful for your visit. God bless you and all your contemplative activities. — Pope John Paul II


The Second Meeting with Pope John Paul II

Sri Chinmoy’s personal account

14 October 1987

St. Peter's Square, The Vatican

My second audience with the Holy Father took place at the Vatican seven years later. After addressing several groups during a general audience that ended at approximately 12:30 p.m., the Holy Father approached me, smiling affectionately. He said, "How are you? It is very nice to see you!"

I replied, "Holy Father, I have come here for your special blessings. I have composed a song about you. The name of the song is 'Salvation-King', and you are the Salvation-King."

Audience with Pope John Paul II



I was privileged to attend the Holy Father's general audience in St. Peter's Square. I am seated at the end of the row to the Pope's left.

Presentation of song

I presented the Pope with a portfolio containing the song and opened it to show him the musical notation. Then I said, "I have also set to music some of your most powerful utterances made in America during your most recent visit. This is my humble offering to you."

The Pope carefully looked at the songs and exclaimed, "Nice! Nice! Nice!" Then, with tremendous enthusiasm, he said, "God bless you and your divine activities."

Published in Pope John Paul II: God’s Heart-Prize winner