Photo by Bhashwar Hart


Sri Chinmoy meets with Vasant Rai when the world-acclaimed virtuoso sarod player gives a special concert for the spiritual teacher and his students in Jamaica, New York. (Also present are Vasant Rai’s wife Kokila and their daughter.)



Sri Chinmoy offers a Peace Concert in honour of Nelson Mandela, attended by Jacob Zuma, Deputy President of the African National Congress (ANC) in Jamaica, Queens, New York.


During the Peace Concert, Sri Chinmoy holds a photograph of President Mandela and offers the following dedication:

Today my prayerful Peace Concert I am dedicating to the universally respected and universally admired and universally adored and universally loved President Nelson Mandela. He is at once humanity’s colossal hope and Divinity’s ever-blossoming promise. His heart is the beauty of compassion. His soul is the fragrance of forgiveness.

May our Absolute Lord Beloved Supreme shower His choicest Blessings upon His choicest instrument to reveal and manifest a universal brotherhood. My Brother, our Brother, humanity’s Brother, President Mandela, to your sleepless and breathless self-giving life for the improvement and betterment of humanity, I bow and I bow and I bow.