Sri Chinmoy offers his definitions of fifty qualities, attributes and states of consciousness.


  1   Aspiration
             The fragrance of God’s Heart.

  2   Attachment
             The forest-thorn-mind.

  3   Beauty
             God’s magnet-Eye.

  4   Bliss
             Beyond within.

  5   Concentration
             The sad failure ​​​​​​
             Of the present mind-power-plant.

  6   Consciousness
             God’s fondest doll.

  7   Contemplation
             A reality not easily attained, 
             But not ultimately unattainable.

  8   Death
             ​A frequent challenger of life.

  9   Dedication
             God started to play a Game.
             He wants His children to join Him.​​​​​​​

10   Destination
             Man’s transformation-smile;
             God’s Satisfaction-Dance.

11   Detachment​​​​​​​
             The garden-flower-soul.

12   Devotion
             A book of no interest 
             To humanity.

13   Dream
             Something that keeps God 
             Sleeplessly and breathlessly occupied.

14    Freedom
             Man’s God-dependence-hunger.

15    Friendship
             A dream that eludes reality.

16    Goal
             God’s Heart-Eye-Lustre-Flood.

17    God
             Man’s mind-hallucination-exit;
             Man’s life-illumination-entrance.

18    Gratitude
             The slow, slower and slowest

19    Harmony
             The complete transformation
             Of heart-agony.

20    Heart
             God’s Arrival-preparation-room.

21    Ignorance
             Man’s self-hypnotism-practice.

22   Imagination
             Tomorrow’s life-tree
             In today’s mind-seed.

23    Immortality
             The proper use of a moment.

24    Impurity
             An incurable mind-disease.

25    Ingratitude
             Something that we unconsciously enjoy
             And consciously deny.

26     Insecurity
             The undying breath
             Of all world citizens.

27    Intuition
             The fastest will-power-plane
             To the Destination.

28    Knowledge
             A half-hearted competitor
             With ignorance.

29    Life
             The ultimate winner
             Over death.

30    Love
             God’s Heart-Dance-Ecstasy.

31   Man​​​​​​
             Today’s imperfection-story;
             Tomorrow’s perfection-song.

32   Manifestation
             The bridge that invariably unites
             God’s exasperation
             And man’s frustration.

33   Mind
             The ignorance-cancer-patient.

34   Obedience
             Man’s only divine and supreme
                Gift to God
             That satisfies God in His own Way.

35   Oneness
             A dream that is a reality-beggar.

36    Patience
             The real failure-conqueror.

37    Peace
             God’s next Act.

38     Perfection
             A cry from man’s
             A Smile from God’s

39    Purity
             The gasping breath of the heart.

40     Realisation
             God’s vacation-pleasure
             In a seeker’s heart-country.

41    Satisfaction
             The only real hide-and-seek game
             On earth.

42    Simplicity
             God’s Originality-Mind.

43    Sincerity
             The most difficult foreign language
             That mankind studies.

44    Soul
             God’s Dream-Blossom-Promise.

45    Spirituality
                 So says my mind;
                 So feels my heart.

46     Summit
             The depth-reversal.

47   Surrender
             Past, present, future

48    Temptation
             The link between
             Today’s flood-rapture
             Tomorrow’s volcano-torture.

49     Vision
             God’s Self-Transcendence-Song.

50    Wisdom
             The adviser and transformer
             Of ignorance-night.

Published in God’s Magnet-Eye