Sri Chinmoy achieves a 203-lb. wrist curl, 10 repetitions with each hand, in Jamaica, Queens, New York.

Many television stations accept footage of this remarkable feat and Sri Chinmoy offers a formal message to the newscasters thanking them for their kind comments and explaining his philosophy in more detail.


My dear newscasters, you may wonder why I do such stupid things at this ripe old age of seventy-four. Well, I live in the heart and God, who is my Inner Pilot, commands me, inspires me and guides me while I am lifting such heavy weights. My Inner Pilot is my inspiration. He is my aspiration. And He is my protection. I give Him all the credit. I place at His Feet most soulfully my weightlifting achievements.

And I thank you deeply, my dear newscasters, because it is you who bring me to the public eye, and I tell the citizens of the world only one thing: Never give up, never give up. Physical fitness is of paramount importance. There is no age limit when we live in the heart and when we try to be of service, prayerful and soulful service, to God in the heart of humanity.

Published in The Inner Meaning of Sport