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Over the past year around thirty Sri Chinmoy university meditation groups  — Brandeis, Cornell, Yale, Harvard, Rutgers and Columbia to name a few — had been set up by his disciples. On 30 October 1970, Sri Chinmoy invites members of these groups to a talk and meditation he is conducting especially for them, held in Vanderbilt Hall at New York University. Most are coming to see Sri Chinmoy for the first time, some travelling hundreds of miles from as far West as Wisconsin and as far North as Canada.


Photo by Pulak Viscardi


Sri Chinmoy visits ‘Sacred Rock’ — home of Grammy-Award-winning musician Narada Michael Walden in Tiburon, California — to dedicate the first Sri Chinmoy statue. The installation was commissioned by Narada and created by renowned British sculptor Kaivalya Torpy.


A Special Message for Narada

by Sri Chinmoy


Narada, Narada, Narada,

My Narada, my Narada, my Narada,

Narada of our Absolute Lord Supreme,

Narada for our Absolute Lord Supreme,

Narada of our Lord Absolute Supreme.

Narada, O Supreme Musician, O Musician Supreme, who collects the sufferings of the world with the Smiles of Heaven.

Again, you are the golden link between the sufferings of humanity and the Delight of Divinity.

You are the divine beauty of your aspiration-heart.

You are the immortal fragrance of your illumination-soul.

You are indeed unique. Why? Why? Why?

Your greatness has not taken away your goodness.

There are many, many human beings on earth whose greatness devours their goodness. In your case, your goodness is blossoming divinely, purely, beautifully, prayerfully and soulfully in and through your greatness. This is something unimaginably significant in a truth-seeker and God-lover’s life.

My pride in you shall always remain far beyond the flight of your imagination.Why? Why? Why?

Your heart is made of self-giving, self-giving to the Creator and, at the same time, to the creation.

Your heart does not separate, cannot separate, the tree from the countless leaves.

When you think of the tree, you think of its countless leaves.

When you think of the leaves, you think of the tree.

You see both the tree and the leaves as one unit.

This is something absolutely rare.

Again, I wish to say that your life's greatness and your heart's goodness are running side by side, in perfect harmony, like the flower and its fragrance, like the obverse and reverse of the same divine coin.

I am praying to our Lord Beloved Supreme to shower His choicest Blessings at every moment upon your heart that is aspiring to reach the Highest, the absolutely highest Realm of Consciousness, and upon your life, the life that wants to spread love throughout the length and breadth of the world.

Narada, my Narada, your heart is a birthless and deathless expansion of love.

Love is oneness, oneness is perfection and perfection is fulfilment.

The love divine is your soul's, your heart's and your life's birthright.

Again, I am telling you, my Narada, you are accomplishing the most difficult and most significant task.

With your soul's immortal oneness and with your heart's eternal goodness, you are blossoming beautifully and powerfully in the Heart of our Lord Beloved Supreme.

Indeed, in you is the perfect synthesis of goodness-heart-cries and greatness-life-smiles.

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