2,000th Bengali Song


Jiban Debata


Jiban debata daki animesh
Khama karo aji more
Ogo sumahan jagater tran
Jagi jena shubha bhore


O my life’s Love Supreme,
Sleeplessly I invoke You
To forgive me today.
O great One,
O world’s Reality-Salvation,
May I be fully awakened
In prosperity’s auspicious dawn.

Chalbo ami parama pita was considered to be Sri Chinmoy’s 2,000th Bengali song. However, in 2007 Sri Chinmoy revised the listing to make Jiban Debata number 2,000.

Published in Bela Chale Jai




Sri Chinmoy meets with Auckland Mayor Les Mills and his wife Colleen at the Sri Chinmoy Centre


Sri Chinmoy offers a Peace Concert at the Aotea Centre in Aukland, New Zealand, at which a message from Prime Minister Jim Bolger is read out. The introduced by the Mayor of Auckland Mr. Les Mills who, like Sri Chinmoy, had been a track and field athlete in his youth.


Excerpt from welcoming remarks by Mr. Les Mills, Mayor of Auckland:

Sri Chinmoy is a man who, for the past thirty years, has dedicated his life to world peace and, most importantly, to the development of the human spirit, to moving people of the world from darkness into light.

Sri Chinmoy, as you all know, is ... a fabulous man, an inspiring man who has worked as a universal ambassador of peace.

Sri Chinmoy is here to help us understand our unique worth and to inspire us to respect that worth in others, to understand that worth in others, and to treat others with tolerance and love. To change the world, we must first live in peace and harmony with our families and neighbours.

Peace Concert dedication by Sri Chinmoy:

Today’s Peace Concert I am prayerfully dedicating to the all-illumining soul, all-loving heart and all-serving life of the United Nations. I wish to offer my heart’s soulful gratitude to the esteemed Mayor of Auckland for offering his tribute to the audience so kindly and compassionately. My heart’s prayerful love, joy and gratitude I am offering to his heart’s kindness and magnanimity.

Published in My Prayerful Salutations to the United Nations